South Indianapolis – Catholic Schoolhouse

Semester Showcase

Another component of our Catholic Schoolhouse is semi-annual, large group presentations for family and friends. At the end of each semester, our students present a sampling of what they have learned. They also bring art, science, and academic work to display. This offers practice in group presentations, practice in presentations to a larger audience, another means to master certain studies, and encouragement to do well in our Super Scholar and Truth, Goodness, and Beauty incentives. Here is an example of what takes place:

Spring 2017 Semester Showcase


Chorus: Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts,   Theological Virtues

        Twinkle Twinkle & Scintillate Scintillate,   The Starry Night

        African Children’s Song in the Hausa language,   Africa

 Works of Mercy, Religion         

Africa, Geography                     

Conversions, Math                    

“If” by Rudyard Kipling             

Dramatic Event Relay

History Timeline: Revolution & Independence through the Modern Age

Tutor Recognition

Virtue Recognition & Award Presentations